Daron® resin series include a full range of products suitable for applications with elevated performance requirements. These resins are based on vinyl ester, vinyl ester urethane and hybrid chemistries, and available either as one component (1K) or two component (2K) system.

Using Daron® resins enable the manufacturing of components with special properties. This can include features like high strength, stiffness and inter-laminar shear strength, low weight (particularly when used with Carbon fibers), resistance to elevated temperatures up to 220 °C, and superior fatigue resistance competing in many cases with equivalent systems based on Epoxy resins.

Daron® resins can often be used both with glass fibers and Carbon fibers, because of their superior fiber wetting and, in some cases, relative insensitivity to fiber sizing type. Typically, these resins cure faster, cure at lower temperatures and require less post-cure when compared to Epoxy resins. This translates into reduced cycle times, extended mold lifetime expectancy and reduced cost

Special Daron® resin systems are available for Pultrusion, RTM, and Hand Lay-up. Please discuss with your AOC Technical Service representative your specific product requirements, and we will be happy to assist you in choosing the right resin solution.

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