For making a nice part you need a great tool. Neomould® tooling resins allow manufacturing of molds with high strength and durability. Through their zero-shrinkage feature these resins ensure the mold can have a smooth surface, while textures and part dimensions perfectly match the original plug model.

Neomould® resins series include a full range of rapid curing resins for fast mould making, the Zero shrinkage technology makes sure the mould stays the same. Neomould® uses a low styrene concentration, which makes the product as environmentally friendly as possible.

Using Neomould® resins enables the manufacturing of moulds with special properties. This can include features like easier release, minimum fibre print, non-tacky surface, peroxide indicator colour change mechanism, and a lower density competing in many cases with equivalent systems based on epoxy resins.

Neomould® tooling resins are applied for tool moulds in many end-use markets, including Marine, Wind, Building & Construction, and Industrial.

AOC Products

AOC has a broad range of products based on Neomould® resin chemistry in its portfolio. In order to find the best product for your application, please check out the Product Selector on this web site. You can contact an AOC Technical Service representative for helping you in this process (

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For additional information, please check out case studies on Nautivela (sailing boats) and on FiberCore (composite lock gates). Feel free to contact us for more information or products, and we will help you choose the perfect resin solution.

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