Neomould® 2017-S-1
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Neomould® 2017-S-1

Zero shrinkage resin for making composite Tooling through Hand lay-up processes

Product description

Neomould® 2017-S-1 feature zero shrinkage during cure and has a low peak exotherm (both in thin and thock layers).

Consequently the resin is the ideal choice for making molds with both great surface quality and dimensional stability.

Major Applications

Neomould® 2017-S-1 is highly suitable for mold making as it shows low heat buildup in thin and thick layers as well as zero shrinkage during cure.

Key benefits

  • Great surface quality.

  • Suitable for thick laminate because of low peak exotherm and thixotropic behavior.

  • Easy processing through excellent fiber wetting.

  • Resin color allows for easy control of air bubbles during lamination.

  • Durable and long-lasting molds.

Processing methods

  • Hand lay-up/spray-up

Key markets

  • Building & Construction
  • Consumer
  • Industrial
  • Infrastructure
  • Marine
  • Transportation

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