Synolite™ 0513-N-0
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Synolite™ 0513-N-0

Monomer free unsaturated polyester resin for Pigment paste

Product description

Synolite™ 0513-N-0 is a monomer free unsaturated polyester resin that features a medium viscosity to improve pigment grinding.

The resin is commonly used for making pigment paste with both organic and inorganic pigment types.

Major applications

Synolite™ 0513-N-0 has a proprietary resin composition and is especially developed for the use as carrier resin for color pigments. It is normally applied together with a lower viscosity carrier resin, like Synolite™ 8515-N-0, in order to adjust mill base viscosity and final viscosity of the pigment paste.

Synolite™ 0513-N-0 is completely compatible with many different types of unsaturated polyester resins.

AOC Next® Product

  • Styrene-free

Key benefits

  • Easy pigment grinding

  • Great compatibility with multiple polyester resin types

  • Low inherent color

Processing methods

  • Specialty

Key markets

  • Building & Construction
  • Consumer
  • Industrial
  • Infrastructure
  • Marine
  • Transportation

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