For SMC and BMC applications the Palapreg® resins have set the industry standard for many years. Used by our customers as key ingredients in SMC and BMC formulations, they find their way in many applications in Transportation (truck cabin components, passenger car exterior body parts, structural components, lighting components), Electrical (circuit breakers, switch gear, cabinets), Building & Infrastructure (doors, sinks, bath tubs, façade panels, water tanks).

AOC is the leading supplier of high quality Low Profile Additive (LPA) systems, that provide the right solutions for achieving superior surface smoothness, low shrinkage, and full part pigmentability. Being at the forefront of technology development in SMC and BMC, AOC provides innovative material solutions like styrene-free resins for reduced odor and smell, special resin systems for low interior emissions, low density formulations for reduced part weight, and resins that bring great strength and stiffness in combination with carbon fibers. 

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