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Resin based composite - for various applications

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What is a resin based composite?

Resin based composites are a combination of two or more materials (reinforcing agents and matrix), that differ in form or composition on a macro scale. The most important benefits of resin based composites are:

  • Strength and durability: the resins bring resistance to elevated temperatures, durability and protection against aggressive environments (including water and chemicals). This translates into structural integrity, acontinued operation capability, and minimized maintenance during part life;
  • Design flexibility: resin based composites can be easily formed. They bring designers, engineers, and architects the unique capability to personalize part shape and aesthetics, while having the benefit of tailoring part functionality to the application;
  • Environmentally friendly: resin formulation fine-tuning and formulation improvement can further improve the environmental profile resin based composites;
  • Light weight capability: unlike steel and concrete, resin based composites feature high strength, stiffness and inherent low weight at the same time.

Markets for resin based composites

Resin based composites are used for various applications in multiple markets. The specialists from AOC can help you to determine the best resin based composites for manufacturing composite parts that are in line with your end-use requirements. AOC is active in the following markets:

  • Industrial
  • Building & Infrastructure
  • Relining/CIPP
  • Transportation
  • Marine & Offshore
  • Wind

Applications for resin based composites

In these markets, the various resin based composites can be used for several applications. For example, in the industrial market the products can be used for storage tanks, process vessels, pressure pipes (e.g. firewater, cooling water, transport of liquids), power plants (chimney liners, FGD exhaust piping, scrubbers, electrostatic precipitators), desalination process components, and mining equipment.

Product selector

In order to select the right resin from AOC for your composite application, please take a look at our Product selector. You can select the end-use market for your product(s), the specific properties required and the intended processing method.

Questions regarding resin based composite?

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