Synolite™ 6494-U-2
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Synolite™ 6494-U-2

Multi-purpose semi-rigid DCPD resin for Putties

Product description

Synolite™ 6494-U-2 is a high reactive DCPD resin that can be easily converted into putties and surface fillers. Main application is for car body repair.

Putty formulations made with Synolite™ 6494-U-2 provide great adhesion to various substrates (incl. galvanized steel) and excellent sandability without clogging sanding paper.

Major Applications

Synolite™ 6494-U-2 is a versatile putty resin, intended primarily for use in the manufacture of car body fillers and putties for benzoyl peroxide cure.

Filler pastes made from Synolite™ 6494-U-2 show excellent dry sand ability and do not rapidly clog sanding paper. This resin is cold-curing, even at temperatures down to 0 °C.

Key benefits

  • High versatility for optimizing customer-specific putty formulations

  • Great sandability

  • Cold cure capability

  • Excellent shelf life of formulated putty

  • Great adhesion to multiple substrates

Processing methods

  • Putties

Key markets

  • Transportation

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