Synolite™ 7259-U-2
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Synolite™ 7259-U-2

Unsaturated Polyester resin for Putties requiring adhesion to galvanized steel

Product description

Synolite™ 7259-U-2 is a specially formulated unsaturated polyester resin, used as key component in putty formulation requiring great adhesion to galvanized steel.

Putty formulations made with Synolite™ 7259-U-2 provide excellent sandability without clogging sanding paper.

Major applications

Synolite™ 7259-U-2 has been especially designed for the production of putties with excellent adhesion to galvanized surfaces.

Synolite™ 7259-U-2 accepts high filler loadings and shows excellent storage stability of the final putties. Putty masses based on Synolite™ 7259-U-2 show very good cold cure behavior as well as excellent adhesion to galvanized substrates.

Synolite™ 7259-U-2 may be blended with up to 50 % of Synolite™ 2710-U-2 in order to increase flexibility of the final putty.

Key benefits

  • Excellent adhesion to galvanized steel

  • Great sandability

  • Cold cure capability

  • Excellent shelf life of formulated putty

Processing methods

  • Putties

Key markets

  • Transportation

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