Synolite® 1866-A-1
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Synolite® 1866-A-1

Iso/NPG polyester resin for Solid surface applications

Product description

Synolite 1866-A-1 is a high reactivity, Iso/NPG resin, use to make solid surface components like sheets and bowls.

This resin has been designed for producing solid color and granite effects.

Major Applications

Synolite® 1866-A-1 is particularly suitable for the production of solid surface casting applications.

Key benefits

  • Versatility for creating personalized colors and color effects

  • Flexibility to design unique forms and shapes

  • Resistance to thermal shock

  • Great for making granite effects in solid surface

  • Resistance to UV, staining, and to chemicals

Processing methods

  • Casting

Key markets

  • Building & Construction
  • Infrastructure

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