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Vinyl ester resins for use in chemical plants

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Vinyl ester resins are the solution of choice for manufacturing composite components used in chemical plants and industrial processes. Tough environments require strong and durable parts, and that is exactly where the Atlac resins come to play. 

Superior chemical and heat resistance for durability of process equipment

With our Atlac® resins we are at home in the chemical industry. Your application requires composite components that can continuously withstand chemicals, elevated temperatures and water, so your process can run smoothly and without interruption.

The Atlac® resins are designed to provide excellent resistance to many chemicals at elevated temperatures. This makes these vinyl ester resins highly suitable for the production of tanks, piping and components used in industrial process equipment. Depending on the specific chemical environment involved, equipment design considerations, and the equipment lifetime required, different resins solutions are available from AOC. 

Food contact resin

For food contact and potable water applications we have developed the Atlac® 5200 FC (food contact) resin. This resin is manufactured in line with GMP according to EU food contact law EU 10/2011 and Commission regulation EC 2023/2006.

Atlac® resins can be used for a variety of composites transformation processes, including such filament winding, centrifugal casting, hand lay-up and spray-up. 

Please check out our brand-new Atlac brochure and our Chemical Resistance Guide for detailed product and processing information. 

Special applications of vinyl ester resins

Chemical processing equipment, such as filament winding, centrifugal casting, hand lay-up and spray-up applications, require vinyl ester resins that are not only resistant to acids, but also to alkali. 

Why AOC?

As a process operator, you can run your processes smoothly and without interruption, because you know your parts are made from Atlac® resins, bringing excellent durability and process reliability. 

Choosing the right resin

We like to help you with your resin selection. We can offer specific insights, from our Chemical Resistance Information System (CRIS), that build on years of chemical resistance testing on our resins, combined with the experience gained in many projects around the world. 

Questions about vinyl ester resins?

If you have questions about the performance of our vinyl ester resins, please contact us by contacting us through email, by calling us at +41 52 644 1212, or by filling in the contact form on the right side of this page. Then one of our Technical Service representatives will contact you shortly.

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