AOC Performance Track Record of Composites in Chlorine Manufacturing
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AOC Performance Track Record of Composites in Chlorine Manufacturing

10 March 2019

At JEC World 2019, AOC is presenting several new product innovations. These include Daron® 8151 resin for Carbon SMC, an extended Neomould® and LPT tooling resin range for the manufacturing of high quality composite tooling, and new generation Daron® 120 resin used for making strong components through vacuum infusion.


In 2018 the former AOC and former AOC merged into one company, AOC. Having very strong capabilities around the world in manufacturing, resin chemistry and material science, the new company delivers unrivaled quality, service and reliability. Together with its customers, AOC is pushing the limits of both Composites part manufacturing and performance. Taking an integral approach to new product development, AOC leads the development of new Composites technologies and markets.



For Automotive structural applications based on Carbon SMC, AOC is introducing the novel Daron® 8151 polyurethane hybrid resin. The unique Daron® 8151 chemistry enables fine-tuning impregnation, thickening and molding in line with the specific requirements of the application, resulting in components with predictable performance. The very low viscosity (200 mPa.s) of Daron® 8151 resin allows for easy fiber impregnation. The combination of high fiber volumes and the excellent adhesion between resin and carbon fiber, yields very high mechanical properties.

The fast cure of Daron® 8151 (less than 1 min/mm) translates into short cycle times, required for automotive series production. Post-cure is not required for reaching the desired mechanical end-properties or emissions of the molded part, thereby eliminating process time, cost and variability. In addition, components made with Daron® 8151 resin withstand E-coat process conditions. Part emissions are on par with the best systems available in the market (<25 ppm). More importantly, no substances of concern are emitted and the smell is considered low (VDA 270 level 3, not disturbing).



Last year, AOC successfully introduced its Neomould® 2017-S-1 resin for manufacturing composite tooling. The unique resin characteristics enable manufacturers to make molds that perfectly mirror the surface and dimensions of the plug. The thixotropic nature of the resin allows for excellent application on vertical surfaces without sagging. Although the through-cure is fast, the exothermic heat is surprisingly low. For these reasons the resin is highly suitable for making thick parts in one go.

Now the AOC’ toolmaking product range has been extended with LPT-68001 and LPT-68005 high performance tooling resins, containing proprietary low profile systems. Molds made with LPT-68005 resin can withstand higher use temperatures, translating in longer tool life and reduced maintenance. The very low viscosity of the LPT-68001 resin enables to make large molds through vacuum infusion processes, with the associated benefits of high laminate strength and tool durability.


Daron® 120 is a special high performance resin showing extremely high fracture toughness and crack propagation energy values. It is therefore especially suited for high demanding structural applications, both with carbon and with glass reinforcements.

Processing with Daron® 120 resin is easy and yields a predictable and consistent process output. The low viscosity enables the injection of low-permeable reinforcements and large complex-shaped components. Daron® 120 shows a good through cure in thin parts, without the need for post-cure. Processing parameters are tunable for maximum flexibility in manufacturing set-up.


At this JEC show we are very proud to present again to the world three examples of great innovation supporting our customers’ future business”, comments Bert Bakker, CEO EMEA/ Asia of AOC. “In all these cases we have been helping our customers to develop Composite solutions that combine ease of processing, durability in daily use, and cost efficiency. These innovations expand the range of applications for Composite materials, and contribute to making this industry competitive long term.

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