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Casting resins - used in different applications

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What are casting resins?

Casting resins can be mixed with fillers (mostly natural minerals) and pigments for creating various shaped components in a variety of aesthetics. Apart from giving a simulated effect such as marble or ivory, filling the resin reduces both cost and polymerization shrinkage.

Compared to traditional material systems like concrete, ceramics, and natural stone, casting resins enable manufacturing parts with unique shapes, improved dimensional predictability, improved impact resistance, lower weight, all at faster production cycles (faster cure, less machining). The casting resin pigment-ability allows to tailor colours and colour effects, in line with specific preferences of architects, interior designers and consumers.

The casting process

In the casting process fillers are mixed with casting resin and then injected into a mold (directly, behind a gelcoat, behind an acrylic sheet) or into a press in the case of artificial stone. After cure, the parts are ejected and processed further. 

Casting resin applications

AOC is supplying different types of casting resins, used in a broad variety of applications:

  • Sanitary components made from cultured marble: 18-25 % resin and calcium carbonate as filler, behind transparent gelcoat.
  • Working surfaces, sanitary components and furniture made from solid surface sheets or castings: 30-40 % resin and ATH as filler. These materials are homogeneous and have repair capability as a key feature.
  • Sanitary components made from casting filled resin, behind acrylic sheet: 20-25 % resin, calcium carbonate and small sand as fillers.
  • Building and infrastructure components, piping in Polymer concrete: 8-15 % resin, quartz powder and different quartz sand as fillers.
  • Figurine castings plain or painted: 20-25 % resin and calcium carbonate as filler.
  • Façade panels, tiles, wall coverings, working surfaces in artificial stone: 7-10 % resin, quartz powder and different quartz sand as fillers. Cured at high temperature and pressure to form slabs or blocks.

Product selector

In order to select the right casting resin for your application, please take a look at our product selector. You can select the end-use market for your product(s), the specific properties required and the intended processing method.

Questions about casting resins

If you have questions about the performance of the casting resins supplied by AOC, please contact us by sending us an email, by calling us at +41 52 644 1212 or by filling in the contact form on the right side of this page. One of our Technical Service representatives will contact you shortly.

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